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Kamado Grill/BBQ -18" 21"23"

Mi-Fire Kamado Grills will let you prepare your food by means of slow cooking, grilling, baking or smoking, the Grill allows you to achieve the perfect results by combining the advantages of a classic grill with those of a stone oven. The Grill is designed with a low air circulation which prevents meat from drying out and losing flavour. Wood chippings can be added which allows for a delicious, smoky BBQ taste for meat cooked on the grill.

Piccolo Pizza Oven

Create restaurant quality pizzas at home! It is portable and lightweight and is also eco-friendly using sustainably sourced wood pellets. The Piccolo heats to 500°C in just 10 minutes and cooks pizzas in 60 seconds.

Carina Pizza Oven

Create restaurant quality pizzas at home! Its portable, lightweight and eco-friendly using sustainably sourced wood pellets.
 The Carina heats to 500°c in just 10 minutes and cooks pizzas in 60 seconds.
The set includes oven, wood pellet burner, cordierite stone baking board, pizza peel, detachable chimney and height adjustable retractable legs.

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Schiedel Garden Fire Place

This stunning focal point for any garden is available in 3 sizes 500, 950 and 1200 and is delivered in a complete packaged solution.
The natural volcanic pumice (sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland) gives this outdoor fireplace all the insulation needed to have a safe and spectacular centre-piece in any garden.
The relatively small footprint also means that it can be placed against any wall, even in small gardens or yards, where space is at a premium.​
The Volcanic Pumice Garden Fireplace Kit includes: Modules for fireplace • Log Retainer • Chimney Blocks • Lip glue for assembly of fireplace and chimney Firebricks and firebrick mortar • Render for finish.

Rendered or unrendered Fireplace can be painted.

Additional chimney blocks can be purchased for extra height.

 Log stores can be positioned below or to the side


Pevex Garden Stoves

UK designed and built Pevex Garden Stove made from Corten Steel which develops a weatherproof patina on its surface over time.


Available in 2 heights and choose between a 3 sided or 4 sided door glass options.


A built in air wash on each glass panel ensures a clear and an unobstructive view of the swirling flames in the chamber producing luxurious warmth for your garden setting to allow you to enjoy long and cosy evenings.


Available in 2 legs lengths and with the option to purchase a drop in lower shelf, rear and bottom heat shields and corten steel hearth plate.

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